Airline Hotels installs new accounting software at 9 properties

Airline Hotels uses PVNG so it can conduct evaluations across multiple hotels. Photo credit: Aptech Computer Systems

Airline Hotels upgraded its financial system to Aptech Computer Systems’ PVNG Enterprise Hotel Accounting Software at nine properties. Airline Hotels is a second-generation, family-founded hospitality company based in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. The browser-based PVNG hotel-accounting software simplifies accounting operations and safeguards data in the cloud. 
“Airline Hotels tapped PVNG in late 2018 to migrate its financial operation and chain data to the cloud for easier access and better business decisions,” Airline Hotels Corporate Controller Todd Asmundson said in a statement. “PVNG is a full-function hospitality enterprise back office system that is very easy to use. We migrated our data with Microsoft SharePoint to put all our records in the cloud. We trained our managers to access their property data and see the numbers for all our hotels. Seeing the performance data helps them manage better by comparing operation strategies from other properties. This also frees our accounting staff to focus on analysis rather than supporting management inquiries.”
Airline Hotels previously used Aptech’s Profitvue back-office accounting system and converted files and reports to PVNG. “Profitvue did a great job for Airline for many years. We work closely with Aptech’s team and they provide excellent support for us up in Canada,” Asmundson said. “PVNG provides a large number of great reports and handles the Canadian dollar and date conventions perfectly.”
PVNG lets operators have total flexibility to allow or limit data access across multiple properties. “We used to do benchmark reporting that compared property performance,” Asmundson continued. “PVNG lets our managers do their own evaluations. We can restrict access to specific data, but we want our managers to see how their associates are doing. For example, our lounge managers can compare revenue and expenses at other properties to learn what management practices are working best. PVNG works very well for us.”
PVNG’s user interface is built on an easy-to-navigate architecture. Its robust functionality and platform is completely new. The system expands on processes included in Aptech’s legacy application, Profitvue. The PVNG enterprise accounting system supports one property or a large multibrand, multiproperty portfolio.

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