Angie Hospitality, Interel partner for voice-based guestroom controls

Angie introduces new features in next-gen guestroom assistant
The integration between Interel and Angie Hospitality allows hotels to offer guests an experience more similar to what they expect at home. Photo credit: Angie Hospitality

Angie Hospitality and Interel have partnered to enable guests to control temperature, lights, curtains and more through voice commands. The integration between Interel and Angie Hospitality allows hotels to offer guests an experience more similar to what they expect at home. Angie's voice and touch controls combined with Interel's advanced guestroom management and Internet of Things infrastructure create a more intuitive and frictionless way for guests to interact with the hotel room environment.

“We always strive to find ways for guests to manage their room environment in the simplest and most intuitive fashion,” Interel CEO Florian Gallini said in a statement. "Developing an interface with Angie to enable voice control was a natural extension towards this objective, and with both companies exclusively focused on creating solutions specifically tailored to the hospitality market, this interface is truly a step towards the guest room of the future.”

Angie’s multilingual voice and high-resolution touchscreen interfaces are easy for guests to access, use and understand. A simple “Hey Angie, turn on the bedroom light,” “Hey Angie, I’m cold,” or “Hey Angie, relax scene,” is enough to adjust the room accordingly. Interel's room-control solutions, including light switches, thermostats and more, are purpose built for hospitality, and integrate with Angie to seamlessly place control of the room directly into the guests’ hands or voice.

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“With the advent of IoT, [artificial intelligence] and voice technologies, the manner in which hotels communicate and interact with their guests is changing dramatically,” Angie Hospitality CEO Ted Helvey said. “Likewise, the way that guests manage their stay and customize the guest room environment is also evolving. Our integration with Interel’s guestroom-management system lays the foundation to give guests full control of their personal preferences.”

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