Angie integrates with room-control products

Angie’s full support of guestroom-automation and energy-management functionalities includes temperature control. Photo credit: Angie Hospitality (Angie Hospitality teams up with Fourteen IP)

Angie Hospitality’s virtual assistant product now integrates with room-control platforms, including Honeywell’s Inncom guestroom-automation system. As a result, all guest-facing room-automation features can now be controlled using either the device’s interactive voice interface or its built-in touchscreen. This allows hoteliers to provide increased guest comfort and convenience while improving energy efficiency and reducing operational costs.

Angie’s full support of guestroom-automation and energy-management functionalities includes temperature control, allowing guests to remotely control room thermostats via voice or the device's built-in digital touchscreen. Occupancy sensors built into the thermostat can detect when a room becomes vacant and adjust settings accordingly, providing hoteliers with the ability to save, in some cases, as much as 30 percent in energy costs per room each year. The integrated solution also adds the ability to control many other guestroom amenities via Angie's interactive voice control or touchscreen, including lighting, drapes, minibars, televisions, safes and door locks.
“We are proactively integrating with voice-control vendors because voice technology is the future of luxury hospitality,” Inncom by Honeywell GM Apurv Johari said in a statement. “Hotels want to provide a superior experience comparable to what guests have in their home. Home voice control devices are in wide adoption and Honeywell is working with hotels to provide the same convenience in guest rooms.”

Inncom’s guestroom technologies includes voice control of room temperature, lighting, amenities and drapery equipment to create a personalized guest experience.

In addition to room control, Angie’s multifunctional platform serves as an IP telephony solution, replacing guestroom telephones and adding an entire suite of convenient amenities. The system's high-fidelity Bluetooth speakers allow guests to enjoy their favorite music and make hands-free phone calls. The device also acts as an alarm clock, night light and an in-room medium for guest engagement, creating a host of revenue opportunities. As a secure in-room access point, the Angie platform also immediately upgrades property Wi-Fi to meet bandwidth and security needs.