Automated spa-like experience: ThermaTouch from ThermaSol

ThermaSol has introduced its digital shower products.

ThermaTouch is an advanced controller that is also an integrated Android app host, giving users the opportunity to download 20 pre-selected apps to stream shows, news, weather, video content and music. With a fully waterproof design, ThermaTouch can be installed anywhere, including a shower, bathing area or patio. ThermaTouch controls ThermaSol’s new digital shower technology and the Serenity Light, Sound Rain Head and steam generator and harnesses the power of Android technology.

ThermaSol’s new digital shower valve, coupled with the new ThermaTouch Plus delivers a complete and personalized shower experience. Connected via ThermaSol’s digital shower valve and using Smart Technology, ThermaTouch’s intuitive interface provides users the ability to control and customize their shower more precisely. Users may choose the components they want and control the water outlet (shower head, rain head or hand-held wand), lights, temperature, duration and volume control from one location. With the digital set up, there is no need for hot/cold handles since everything is controlled through ThermaTouch Plus.