Beekeeper unveils digital library for frontline teams

Documents on Beekeeper differentiates itself by serving as a highly targeted, location-specific document sharing tool for mobile device users. Photo credit: Beekeeper

Beekeeper unveiled a new feature that will serve as a digital library for a hotel’s nondesk workforce. The new feature, called Documents, will enable hotel administrators to share work collateral with specific teams, departments or locations in an easy-to-navigate folder structure that employees can access from their mobile devices. Managers can own and edit folders for their teams or locations, ensuring every employee finds the exact, locally relevant information they are looking for.
“Beekeeper’s mobile-first approach gives hotel employees easy access to the essential documents they need to review or utilize in their daily tasks,” Connie Rheams, Beekeeper's VP of Hospitality, said in a statement. “Documents on Beekeeper saves workers considerable time by providing the most up-to-date information in one place. It also prevents employees from sharing sensitive documents ad-hoc via Dropbox, Google Docs or private messaging apps. If you’ve ever scoured email, combed through old chat logs, or waded through an unorganized Google Drive to track down that one document you absolutely needed for a time-sensitive project, then you’ll appreciate the convenience of Documents on Beekeeper. It’s an organized, clean, secure digital document library that’s already connected to your team’s favorite collaboration platforms. It’s easy to access and it contains every document employees will ever need.” 
Engage Hospitality is the first hotel company to go live with Documents on Beekeeper. Stephanie San Juan, director of strategy and implementation for Engage, is responsible for overseeing all communication efforts for the San Francisco-based management company.
“Engage Hospitality is growing pretty fast—we actually doubled in size over the past two years—so quality onboarding is a major priority,” San Juan said. “Documents enables us to onboard new hires everywhere from start to finish with the right information in a highly accessible format. Before Documents on Beekeeper, it was difficult to share relevant material with our new hires or onboard GMs at new properties. This information was kept on our department heads’ laptops, so if someone was on vacation, it presented a real challenge.”
“With this new feature, we are storing year-over-year GM reporting, along with HR and onboarding materials,” she said. “We are also running training via Documents, holding everyone accountable for informing themselves and maintaining the Engage Hospitality standard. This new Documents capability is great for facilitating our continued growth, and it saves our HR professionals valuable time, allowing them to focus their efforts on more high level, strategic initiatives.” 
With Documents, hotel admins can:

  • Increase alignment between teams, getting everyone on the same page regardless of their location;
  • Easily onboard new properties and personnel with the latest brand guidelines and standard operating procedures;
  • Improve individual productivity; 
  • Save time for frontline teams;
  • Eliminate ad-hoc document sharing on private messaging platforms;
  • Upload relevant documents for location-specific teams;
  • Create a home for essential reporting and handovers; and
  • Present relevant paperwork to everyone in one central location.