Benbria, GCommerce form strategic partnership

Benbria’s Loop platform allows hotels to measure the guest experience and manage conversations across multiple channels. Photo credit: Benbria (Benbria, GCommerce form strategic partnership)

Benbria and GCommerce have formed a strategic partnership to bring a full suite of marketing and customer-engagement solutions to the hospitality industry. Hoteliers now have the opportunity to leverage the expertise of both companies to improve direct bookings, access technology to support real-time guest engagement and take back control of the guest experience from third-party booking agencies.
The partnership will allow both companies to cross-refer services to their existing client base as well as present a unified set of solutions to help hoteliers with more effective marketing and engagement to meet modern guest expectations. With the digital marketing expertise of GCommerce, existing and future clients of Benbria will be able to optimize their web experiences, build stronger brand awareness through social and digital channels and improve the likelihood of direct bookings.

“GCommerce delivers innovative digital-marketing and web programs focused on inspiring guests and improving direct bookings,” Benbria CEO Jordan Parsons said in a statement. “It made logical sense to establish this partnership given Benbria’s expertise when it comes to prestay, in-stay and poststay guest engagement using messaging technology. GCommerce helps hotels reach these new direct-booking audiences while Benbria helps them engage them at the right moment.”

Benbria’s Loop platform allows hotels to measure the guest experience and manage conversations across multiple channels, including email, Web chat, SMS text, in-app messaging or messaging apps like Facebook Messenger, Twitter, and WhatsApp. All messages and timely feedback are routed to a unified team inbox where they are tagged and routed to the right teams and departments for immediate action. With multiple applications for hoteliers, a custom solution can be built around a unique guest journey to deliver faster service, obtain in-moment insights into the guest experience, and engage in real-time on the guest’s preferred communication channel.

“Engaging potential guests before they abandon their online booking is becoming critical for hoteliers,” GCommerce CEO Chris Jackson said. “With Benbria, our client’s websites and apps can connect potential guests with a live person at the moment of truth, to answer any questions or deliver an offer to increase direct bookings. The fact that the dialogue can continue pre-arrival, during their stay, and immediately after their visit gives hoteliers even more opportunity to engage guests and upsell throughout their journey”.

Clients of Benbria and GCommerce will be receiving information on each company’s respective offerings in the coming weeks, including a guide for integrating a digital marketing program with real-time engagement of social and messaging channels.