Brittain Resorts & Hotels adopts SiteMinder platform

Management company Brittain Resorts & Hotels has adopted SiteMinder as part of its newly announced business intelligence technology matrix. The matrix, designed to simplify and streamline its portfolio’s property-management and revenue-management services, is part of BRH’s deepening investment in technology, as the company eyes expansion within and beyond the United States. 

“When it comes to adopting next-gen technologies, we want to be right at the forefront,” Christopher Ellison, director of revenue at BRH, said in a statement. “We want to ensure that all of our solutions can talk to each other and so we’ve created a matrix that allows every decision we make to be based on data, rather than gut feel. With thousands of units of inventory, and a dozen room types per property, we don’t have the luxury of missing any opportunities. It can literally cost us millions. With SiteMinder, we now feel secure in our distribution strategy and have data that plugs directly into our revenue management system, to help us guide and automate our forward-looking decisions.”

Adopted across 22 properties and more than 4,000 rooms, SiteMinder’s material impact as part of BRH’s tech stack has been immediate.

“On the one hand, the platform’s stability means that I’m no longer worried about getting an overbooking call on a Saturday night," Ellison said. "But from a results perspective, the moment we switched on SiteMinder, our occupancy immediately shot up. We were struggling to reach that 95 percent occupancy threshold in those high-time periods, and then almost overnight we were at 95 percent. Each revenue manager and analyst has gotten hours back in their day to actually analyze, not chase down connection issues, meaning we feel more comfortable from a labour perspective, and we can now look at a wider range of channels to drive incremental room nights, somewhere we’ve historically felt limited. Moving forward, we’re aiming to use SiteMinder to its full capacity. If my inventory can be in 100 different places at the same time, why wouldn’t I allow that to happen?”