Buffalo Lodging Associates partners with ProfitSword

Buffalo Lodging Associates properties, such as the Residence Inn Buffalo (N.Y.) Downtown, can seamlessly integrate and retrieve data from disparate hotel systems. Photo credit: ProfitSword

Hotel management and development company Buffalo Lodging Associates selected ProfitSword to maximize its operational decision-making abilities via seamless access to real-time performance data. With a portfolio consisting of 47 limited-service and select-service branded properties located throughout New England, New York, Florida, Ohio and Canada, Buffalo Lodging opted to adopt the full suite of ProfitSword data-management solutions to streamline the data-gathering process across the breadth of its organization.

Buffalo Lodging initially compared several providers in order to ensure that it could implement a solution fully capable of meeting its data-analysis needs. Company management selected ProfitSword due to its ability to meet its demands for instant and real-time access to data from individual properties, specific regions and across the organization as a whole. 
"As someone who oversees our organization's digital marketing team, ProfitSword streamlines our ability to create sales and marketing plans, with hotel teams, regional teams and corporate teams able to access and share both current performance and projected performance along with commentary on what that performance may mean and what should be the areas of focus," Sean Clancey, director, digital and IT strategy at Buffalo Lodging, said in a statement. "By pulling these plans, we are able to quickly determine who needs help and where, which before would have involved hours of conversation with hotels in order to find out what their needs are."
Initially implementing ProfitSage at all of its properties, the hotel management company credits the solution with saving hours of manual data entry per month. This is accomplished using ProfitSage's ability to automatically compile and segment all performance data, which is then exported to its accounting system and shared via customized reports. Such reports can include details on financial performance, labor statistics, guest service scores and STR data; all accessible on a daily basis and allowing both hoteliers and corporate leadership to gain immediate insight into matters relevant to their specific responsibilities and interests.
"Since partnering with ProfitSword our team has been able to significantly streamline our data-management and business -ntelligence processes," said Nick Lamparelli, VP of finance at Buffalo Lodging. "We are now able to benefit from a level of detailed analysis that ensures each of our properties operate with even greater efficiency and with an ability to enhance their revenue streams even further than before. The time-savings involved also mean that hotel staff members are able to focus more on their guest-facing responsibilities, such as greeting those arriving in the lobby and ensuring that they are fully satisfied with their experience. This not only aids in strengthening a hotel's overall reputation but also increases an employee's ability to live up to our company's commitment of exceeding guest expectations."
With ProfitSage, Buffalo Lodging gains the ability to automatically integrate data from disparate hotel systems into one centralized data warehouse. With ProfitPlan, Buffalo Lodging gains the ability to have customized, web-based reporting such as annual business plans and monthly and weekly performance reports that automatically update with relevant data to allow for commentary and strategy that improves communication and transparency across the entire organization. With the inclusion of ProfitWizard, the company can further combine business intelligence, decision support, performance management and ad-hoc reporting for an even greater in-depth analysis of data.