Canary Technologies unveils Canary AI

Canary Technologies, a guest management system provider, is launching the beta version of Canary AI, a fully enabled generative AI engine that will be embedded across Canary’s entire guest management system. The product is the latest in Canary’s suite of guest management tools. Generative AI refers to algorithms that are used to create new content using existing context.

The product will assimilate relevant general hotel information from existing resources about the property and surrounding area to generate auto-responses using contextual guest information like reservation details and guest profiles. The AI model is trained over time to craft the most relevant answers based on the most common guest responses.

Canary’s new feature will keep customer data safe while helping hoteliers increase staff efficiency, enabling them to save hours in responding to guest inquiries. It also saves guests time, providing answers to their top-of-mind questions directly and instantly. Canary’s AI capabilities will also drive a more personalized guest experience based on their specific customer criteria like loyalty status. Hotels can sign up to be part of the beta launch by contacting Canary.

“AI is reshaping the way we live, travel and do business. With Canary AI, we’ll be able to help hoteliers transform the guest experience and enable staff to focus more on hospitality,” Blake VanLandingham, head of engineering for Canary, said in a statement.

Canary will continue to embed AI into their products to help hoteliers reduce fraud, streamline operations, elevate the guest experience and boost revenue.