Castlerock Asset Management adds forecasting capabilities

Castlerock Asset Management has adopted budgeting and performance forecasting technology from ProfitSword. Specializing in the development and management of distinctive properties, Castlerock Asset Management expects to benefit from real-time visibility into organizational data that will give employees the business intelligence they need to make informed decisions that will drive enhanced efficiency and revenue performance.

Seeking to find an effective solution that could replace cumbersome ad-hoc financial and accounting reporting processes, Castlerock, with ProfitSword's tools, is able to sidestep countless hours of data compiling and review to ensure the accuracy of information. With the ProfitSword platform able to integrate with a range of performance data generating systems—including property-management systems, points of sale, labor management, accounting, procurement and sales systems—Castlerock employees can expect to gain instant access to both real-time and accurate analytics from a single dashboard.

“The advantages of having a real-time, one-stop-shop for virtually all of our properties’ pertinent data cannot be overstated in terms of running a more agile, transparent, and profitable organization,” said Hubert Worrell, CFO at Castlerock Asset Management, in a statement. “Across the wide spectrum of our business and thanks to the partnership with ProfitSword, decision-makers now have direct and timely access to accurate information allowing them to confidently implement the best possible strategies that ensure portfolio-wide success.”