Historic Oklahoma City hotel partners with HIS 

Colcord Hotel guests now can leverage BeyondTV to securely cast their content onto larger guestroom television screens. Photo credit: Hotel Internet Services (Colcord Hotel partners with HIS )

The Colcord Hotel in Oklahoma City has implemented Hotel Internet Services’  BeyondTV comprehensive entertainment platform equipped with voice control and virtual assistant abilities.

A historic building originally constructed in 1910 as Oklahoma's first skyscraper, Colcord Hotel now offers its guests a convenient personalized in-room entertainment and service with the availability of BeyondTV and its voice-activated features. Also leveraging its partnership with HIS to enhance its Wi-Fi service, Colcord Hotel can further ensure that today's online guest needs are fully met by providing a strong, fast and reliable internet connection at all times.  

BeyondTV serves as an all-in-one in-room technology hub that allows guests to experience the instant and personalized service that they have grown accustomed to when at home when using platforms such as Chromecast, Google Home or Siri. With guests increasingly declining to use a hotel's video-on-demand services in favor of accessing personal streaming subscriptions, those staying at Colcord Hotel can leverage BeyondTV to securely cast their content onto larger guestroom television screens. 

Eliminating the need for guests to enter in sensitive information such as usernames or passwords, BeyondTV has a patented privacy technology that automatically deletes any usage data upon check-out. Guests are further provided with the option of deleting such information at any time with the push of a remote control button.

While catering to guest preferences for personalized content, guests staying at Colcord Hotel also can leverage BeyondTV to gain instant access to information on available hotel services as well as the ability to submit requests without having to pick up a guestroom telephone or visit the front desk. This can include locating details for on-site restaurant hours as well as reserving a table or ordering roomservice. 

With BeyondTV's integration with Amazon's Alexa and Volara, Colcord Hotel guests can locate such details and request amenities using voice commands. This ability extends to providing guests with full voice control abilities over guestroom television functions such as changing channels, managing volume and powering the TV on or off without having to find the remote control. 

"With enhanced connectivity and personalized instant service playing such an influential part in the day-to-day lives of guests, hotels have little choice but to offer at least the same level of functionality and convenience if they wish to achieve complete guest satisfaction," Colcord Hotel GM Blane Thompson said in a statement. "By working with HIS, we have been able to exceed guest expectations in this area by leveraging's BeyondTV's multiple features to place them in direct control over how their in-room experience unfolds. In also utilizing HIS' industry-leading expertise in Wi-Fi technology, we are further able to provide each guest device with a fast and reliable internet connection throughout our entire property, ensuring that all connectivity needs are met and that online experiences mirror the same high quality that guests are accustomed to when at home."  
With Ruckus access points strategically placed throughout the property, Colcord Hotel guests can be assured of their ability to find a strong and consistent Wi-Fi signal no matter where they may be located on-site.