Crave Interactive launches AppLess mobile

Crave AppLess mobile utilizes the latest mobile HTML technology to provide performance and flexibility. Photo credit: Crave Interactive

Crave Interactive launched Crave AppLess mobile, which allows hotel guests frictionless access to digital guest services on their own devices without the need to download a mobile app.

Hotel apps statistically have very low levels of engagement with guests because guests are reluctant to download an app before accessing services. Recent advances in technology mean that all major mobile phone brands now have a QR code reader built into the camera. Crave’s AppLess mobile uses location intelligent QR codes that enable guests to access a variety of services by simply pointing their camera at any code.

Crave’s AppLess mobile is specifically designed for guests to gain instant access to the services and information they want, from multiple touchpoints throughout a resort or property. The flexibility means hotel guests can access their in-room services and room controls, as well as specific services from any resort location. 

Crave also has integrated easy payment technologies, including Apple Pay and Google Pay, so guests can order and pay for food and drinks to be delivered to their location, whether at a bar, a cabana, a meeting room or a casino floor.

Crave AppLess also is integrated with the company’s new video services platform, so guests can choose to contact real staff via instant video call and text chat.