Dormakaba launches RT Plus BLE-enabled RFID lock

Existing dormakaba 760 and 770 magstripe locks can be easily upgraded to RTP by simply changing the outside housing. Photo credit: dormakaba

Dormakaba launched its RT Plus mobile-enabled radio frequency ID guestroom electronic door lock with Bluetooth low energy technology integrated in its reader, which is an option for magstripe or mechanical lock retrofit.
The RT Plus lock is a cost-effective solution for small hotels and large properties. It is good for guestrooms, common areas, meeting spaces and back-of-house access control. It is easy for guests to use and RFID keys cannot be erased by contact with cell phones. The RT Plus lock is a sealed unit that does not require the ongoing maintenance associated with magstripe locks and has a BLE module integrated into its reader for an immediate path to mobile access implementation. RT Plus also features near field communication programming for simplified lock auditing, and reliability.
“Many brands have added mandatory RFID guestroom door locks to their flag standards. Dormakaba developed the RT Plus mobile-enabled RFID lock to simplify the path from magstripe locks to RFID,” David Ginn, dormakaba VP hospitality sales, North America, said in a statement. “There are many advantages to RFID locks. Guests find them very easy to use because the keycard unlocks the door when it is next to the reader; it is not inserted. The RT Plus improves security because the lock is tamperproof and can be audited to identify which keys were used to enter a room. Plus, the RT Plus is low maintenance with batteries that last up to three years and issue a message when it is time to change them.” 

Existing dormakaba 760 and 770 magstripe locks can be easily upgraded to RT Plus simply by changing the outside housing. The RT Plus lock also may be networked with dormakaba’s Ambiance access-management software, which lets operators remotely monitor door activity in a secure two-way system. Managers can grant guests new access permissions for room changes without the need to return to the front desk. Plus, security teams are able to monitor and respond to suspicious door alerts and provide multiple ways property locks can be monitored and audited for greater guest safety and property security.