eRevMax to unveil a business analytics solution

eRevMax Demand Central

eRevMax unveiled Demand Central, a business analytics solution available exclusively on LIVE OS. LIVE OS is a hospitality operating system that integrates all hotel service providers in one place to offer a single point of access for multiple solutions. The platform offers more than 50 partners and continues to add new partners based on hoteliers' request every day. Partners benefit by getting direct visibility to eRevMax hotel clients by making technology integration much easier.

"WTM is the perfect platform to showcase new technology to hotels that are early adopters,” said Reuel Ghosh, CEO of eRevMax. “We at eRevMax focus on bringing the next generation technology that will make hoteliers' lives easier on a daily basis. Demand Central is aimed at enhancing hoteliers' ability to compete in today's consumer-led economy and increase demand.”

The company's distribution management solutions, RateTiger and RTConnect, continue to help hotels make informed decision based on key insights and streamline all aspects of their revenue management for driving better results.