Exclusive: Two global hotel brands to rollout Mews systems

Following the recent announcement of an additional $110m of funding, Hospitality Investor, Hotel Management's sister site, spoke to Matthijs Welle, the CEO of hospitality cloud provider Mews.

During the interview, Welle said that Mews is currently making preparatory integrations for two global hotel brands, with rollout of Mews systems at property level expected later this year.

Hospitality Investor: What’s Mews doing in the U.S. market?

Matthijs Welle: We entered in 2019 and Covid happened so in the last two years we’ve had to rebuild the team. We now have 75 people on the ground who are actively selling. We are seeing good success with larger independent hotels, and we just signed a good chain hotel which will give us some strong brand exposure. It’s a much earlier stage in the US because in Europe we’ve been screaming from the rooftops for 12 years and everyone is aware of us. In the US we have a lot of work to do and that’s why we need acquisitions and we just bought Frontdesk Anywhere, a US-based cloud system which is another acquisition that we need to get our brand out aggressively.

HI: Is it your goal to partner with the global hotel brands?

MW: That’s definitely the dream. Some of these brands are bigger than we are today, so we’re working hard at making sure the platform can scale to that size and that it has loyalty integrations. We’re very actively working on several loyalty integrations. We’re working with two major hotel brands right now to finish the integrations to their central reservation systems.

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