Gaming resort ilani opens with InvoTech's uniform-management system

ilani resort

ilani, a new gaming and entertainment destination in Ridgefield, Wash., implemented Infotech Systems’ uniform system when it opened earlier this week. The InvoTech system installed at ilani manages the uniform inventory for more than 1,000 employees.

InvoTech's uniform system establishes uniform inventory and has extensive reporting capabilities to determine and forecast appropriate uniform purchases. The system provides significant cost saving benefits by eliminating losses, reducing purchases, and lowering laundry expenses and labor costs. Uniform cleaning costs are entered into InvoTech and reports may be quickly generated to audit laundry expenses to update budgets.

"The system has proved to be an asset through the years at our other properties, so implementing a similar system to establish organization and accountability in our uniform department was an easy decision,” said Taylor Morelli, procurement director for ilani.

The system includes an electronic signature capture terminal that records each employee's signature when uniforms are assigned. This increases accountability for the uniform department and creates a paperless "green" system.