Gibson Hotel Management operates in real-time with Quore

As the VP of operations and development for nearly 20 Gibson Hotel Management properties, Joe Grieco was all too familiar with the challenges of finding the big-picture trends, so he sought out a software solution that would enable him to zoom in and zoom out in real time.
While attending a conference, Grieco noticed a fellow attendee receive push notifications from his property on his phone using Quore, one of the hospitality industry’s leading providers of hotel-management software. Grieco decided to try out the software.
Initially, Grieco found Quore’s intuitive automated log book and maintenance tickets the biggest time saver for his properties. Before long, he realized that Quore was automatically tracking patterns and piecing together a larger picture of the hotel brand in ways that he was never able to do before, but always wanted to.

“Before implementing Quore at our properties, it was very difficult to see trends,” said Grieco. “The sink that stops up constantly or the guest that complains about a funny smell from their room never gets rolled up or pieced together. Quore identifies these repetitions and tells a story.”
Not only did Quore increase internal efficiency, it equipped Grieco and his teams to better assist guests.

“Quore enables me to be more prepared to speak with guests,” said Grieco. “I can put all the pieces together quickly, so I am more dialed into the issue and can better address the root cause to completely satisfy the guest. Quore consolidates everything into one place, which not only gives me the whole picture but also allows me to make smarter decisions.”

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