GlobalReach Technology adds Hotspot 2.0 features

New Hotspot 2.0 features allow hotels to communicate through and monetize the Wi-Fi service without the need for loyalty program guests to log on through a captive portal. Photo credit: Pixabay

GlobalReach Technology has added new guest Wi-Fi features to its Hotspot 2.0 product, giving hospitality brands the benefit of communicating through and monetizing the Wi-Fi service without the need for loyalty program guests to log on through a captive portal.
The new features enhance the Wi-Fi sign-up process by allowing the brand to deliver location-aware, guest-segmented communications. Recognizing the value of the digital space to boost engagement, conversions and spend, users now can review terms and conditions and see brand-controlled communications and promotions from this feature. For example, hospitality brands could welcome guests as they enter the lobby, reward them with a promotion or prompt them to book their next stay using this message.  
The Wi-Fi Alliance launched Hotspot 2.0 Release 3 earlier this week. GlobalReach was a contributor to this specification, which is a significant step toward removing friction by enabling guests to log in seamlessly. However, it is expected to be at least 18 months before adoption is mainstream. 
“This innovation enables hospitality brands to allow their loyalty program customers to get online smoothly, which will make a major contribution to improving guest satisfaction,” GlobalReach Managing Director Chris Bruce said in a statement. 
Users download a one-time profile to their devices for automatic login to hospitality Wi-Fi networks and seamless roaming across a brand's properties. Hospitality brands have full control of policies that can trigger location- or event-specific guest communications and promotions via a single dashboard. Paired with rich presence and location analytics, the solution fosters better guest engagement and service monetization.