Greek hotel adds Assa Abloy door locks

The newly opened Onoma Hotel in Thessaloniki, Greece, has adopted Assa Abloy’s Global Solution’s Mobile Access platform through the tech company’s partner, Eurotel Hospitality. 

Catering predominantly to millennial travelers, Onoma Hotel recognized that it needed to adopt services that addressed expectations for instant self-service in addition to enhancing guest safety. By deploying Mobile Access along with VingCard Essence door locks and VingCard Allure interactive door lock panels, the property’s guests can now use personal devices to check in without having to wait in line at the front desk. Once checked in, guests automatically receive a digital key issued by Eurotel . By waving their device close to a Bluetooth Low Energy reader, guests can immediately enter their rooms.

“Providing guests with enhanced convenience and gaining their trust with regards to their safety is a top priority for any hospitality business, but it is especially vital for us in our efforts to maintain a reputation as a technologically-advanced hotel," said Michael Chyrosochoidis, CEO at Onoma Hotel. Selecting the industry’s leading providers was therefore a must, and both Assa Abloy Global Solutions and Eurotel Hospitality fit the description perfectly with their ongoing innovations in hotel and security access technology. Mobile Access together with VingCard Essence door locks ensure that our guests can feel at complete ease while moving around our property, and the company’s future-proof strategy makes staying ahead of new technological advances a seamless and pain-free experience.”

Mobile Access uses secure communication channels to deliver encrypted digital key and room number information to guest devices through Assa Abloy’s Seos technology. The data is then securely stored within a digital strongbox located within a guest-facing mobile app until a guest presents their device to the appropriate lock. A secure communication channel is again used to transmit digital key data to the BLE reader in order to grant guestroom entry. VingCard Essence locks additionally come equipped with the latest in keycard encryption technology for guests that prefer to use physical keys without the security vulnerabilities that are associated with magstripe-based locks.

The hotel implemented VingCard Essence locks alongside VingCard Allure panels at the hotel. A unique project that combines the two lock solutions into one, Onoma Hotel utilizes VingCard Essence to manage room entry and provide Mobile Access capabilities while leveraging VingCard Allure panels to accentuate the property’s interior design: Each Allure LED panel can display the room number information, a property’s logo or brand color theme as well as an optional door bell. By also implementing VingCard Allure’s interior guestroom-facing panels, Onoma Hotel guests can post "do not disturb" or "make up room" notifications on hallway panels without having to first open the guestroom door.   

VingCard Essence is also integrated with energy-saving sensors located in each guestroom of the hotel. This allows the property to automatically adjust in-room amenity settings such as lighting and temperature based on room occupancy status when a guest either enters or leaves a room.

Onoma Hotel’s guestrooms also now include advanced Elsafe Zenith 43 electronic safes. Each Elsafe Zenith safe is designed using the latest in anti-tamper labyrinth protocols and have been tested against multiple break-in attempts to prevent unauthorized access.