Guldsmeden Hotels chooses new CRS, CRM platform

Copenhagen, Denmark-based Guldsmeden Hotels has adopted SHR's Windsurfer CRS to optimize its distribution channel mix by sending real-time rates and inventory to the booking engine and third-party distribution partners, reducing acquisition costs.

The company expects Maverick CRM to help its hotels personalize the guest experience by centralizing guest data and leveraging it at the right times along the customer journey. 

"At Guldsmeden, we are committed to giving our guests a wonderful stay with as little negative environmental impact as possible. This message must be conveyed through our marketing and online presence, allowing us to provide a personalized and unique experience to each and every guest,” said Erik van Weerden, revenue manager at Guldsmeden Hotels, in a statement. “SHR will help us prioritize those goals while providing a well-integrated tech stack as the framework."