Honeywell has launched upgrades to its cloud-based Inncom Inncontrol 5 platform, including a multiproperty dashboard and new metrics to help hoteliers quantify guest comfort and staff productivity. The update helps hoteliers better identify insights that can help improve guest experience and develop strategies that drive efficiency. The upgrades allow hoteliers that manage multiple properties to use IC5’s capabilities and rich data analytics across multiple properties at once to compare performance.
IC5 allows hoteliers to quickly identify underperforming properties and even the root cause of a problem. It’s optimized for the hotel property and portfolio owners to provide the information that they need.
A new IC5 dashboard feature, live Analytics Service Exchange reporting, provides users with a full property breakdown and analysis of historical and real-time guestroom performance data for each of a hotelier’s properties. This data is then analyzed across five elements to create a guest comfort score ranging from 1-100. These elements are sleep quality, temperature set point, thermostat interaction, comfort alarm and equipment alarm, which are individually weighted based on customer input.
To quantify sleep quality for a property, motion sensors help detect movement, such as tossing and turning or rising from bed throughout the night, within guestrooms to estimate how much guests were able to sleep or if they make thermostat adjustments. If a room has a low guest comfort score, the hotel manager can inspect the heating, ventilation and air conditioning system or assess other factors in the room to ensure that future guests enjoy smoother sleep in that room. 
Hoteliers that own multiple properties can now use the IC5 portfolio level dashboard feature to track their unique properties’ energy consumption, guest comfort scores, staff productivity, guestroom controls and more from one combined dashboard.
The portfolio-level dashboard feature also allows a user to filter properties by geographical region, brand or star rating for like-for-like comparisons and overall portfolio performance. The dynamic IC5 dashboard updates based on these filters and by specific time range increments. It also allows hoteliers to manually add properties in a portfolio that don’t use IC5 for historical records.
IC5 is powered by the Niagara Framework, an open Internet of Things platform, for secure, easy integration with third-party devices and systems. It is optimized for desktop, tablets or mobile devices for seamless log-in and management from the office or a remote location and supports push notifications via the Honeywell Pulse app.