Hotel Interurban selects Alice to streamline operations

The rollout of the Alice platform at the Hotel Interurban includes a suite of front-of-house and back-of-house tools. Photo credit: Alice (Hotel Interurban)

The newly opened Hotel Interurban has selected Alice’s suite of products to streamline hotel operations and improve the guest experience. Located a few miles from the Seattle-Tacoma International Airport in Tukwila, Wash., the adoption of Alice’s suite of hotel technology continues Hotel Interurban’s focus on cutting-edge technology.

The hotel’s tech-forward amenities include a custom-built canopy at the entrance of the hotel, comprising 60 solar panels that produce enough electricity for almost all first-floor operations. Hotel Interurban also features Washington State’s first in-house Relay robot, “Hazel,” who delivers items to guestrooms, assists with roomservice and is a regular presence around the hotel.

Many of the Hotel Interurban team members, including the hotel’s GM Mike West, have used Alice at other properties throughout the Pacific Northwest and are excited to implement Alice on property. “Hotels are always looking for ways to streamline operations and make their teams more efficient,” said West. “For Hotel Interurban, Alice is the platform to accomplish almost everything with one easy-to-use tool.”

The rollout of the Alice platform at the property include the suite of front-of-house tools for the hotel’s concierge, front-desk and guest-services teams, and back-of-house tools for maintenance, housekeeping, front desk, security, and food and beverage.