Singapore Hotel Jen properties install Relay autonomous robots

Singapore Hotel Jen welcomed its newest mobile and automated colleagues, Jeno and Jena, as the first international hotel brand to use autonomous Savioke Relay robots in Asia. Jeno and Jena independently zip around Hotel Jen Orchardgateway and Hotel Jen Tanglin Singapore to deliver amenities and room service to guests. 
Both Jeno and Jena are about 3 feet tall and are unmistakable in their bright Hotel Jen turquoise and pink uniforms featuring a signature bicycle image to evoke a sense of travel. Inspired by the concept of a butler, Toby Tan from the art community Band of Doodlers designed a jacket and tie for Jeno and a scarf for Jena.
Jeno and Jena can move unmanned around the hotel at a safe speed of about 1.5 miles per hour, about half the average human walking speed. They can ride elevators, make phone calls to rooms upon arrival, and are equipped with sensors that know to avoid obstacles in their path and make deliveries efficiently.
Both automated colleagues are integrated with a software system that can easily track their to-do list once an order is placed. If a guest orders an extra towel or bottle of water, the guest can expect one of the pair to deliver the items within 15 minutes from the time of request. Jeno and Jena can ease midnight hunger pangs with a supper menu featuring local flavors from midnight to 6 a.m.
How they work:

  • Jeno and Jena are stationed in the hotel lobby on standby 24/7 to carry out deliveries.
  • Guests can request for amenities or room service from the supper menu by telephoning the hotel’s front office.
  • Upon receiving an order, the requested amenity, food item or drink is prepared and placed in the robot’s compartment.
  • A hotel colleague unlocks the robot’s compartment with a pin number, places the items inside, and keys in the guest’s room number for delivery.
  • Once the room number is keyed in, the robot travels to the hotel’s elevator landing, enters the elevator and travels to the correct floor and room.
  • Once the robot arrives at the designated room, the robot calls the room to alert the guest about the delivery. When the guest opens the room door, the robot’s compartment lid automatically opens. (After arrival, the robot waits five minutes before returning to the duty manager in the lobby.)
  • When a delivery is completed, the guest presses “All Set” and can rate the stay experience from one to five stars. If the guest selects five stars, the robot displays “Yay!” and dances side-to-side in excitement.
  • Once the delivery is complete, the robot returns to the docking station in the lobby. 

“Hotel Jen is proud to be the first brand in the Shangri-La group to introduce this technology,” said Cetin Sekercioglu, EVP of Shangri-La Hotels and Resorts. “The new 'colleagues' will be great team players, get important things done well and deliver in Jen’s distinctive style. Known to curate playful experiences, Hotel Jen, through the Relay robots, yet again proves that it can surprise and delight urban adventure-seekers.”

Created by Savioke, the fully autonomous Relay delivery robot has been deployed in more than 70 dynamic busy environments including hotels, office buildings, and high rise apartments. Using advanced technology to navigate around people and objects, Relay delivers items quickly, safely and reliably. Since initial commercial deployment in 2014, Relay robots have made more than 150,000 autonomous deliveries.