Infor launches contactless ordering system

OrderNow is part of the Infor Hospitality suite. Photo credit: Infor (Infor Hospitality)

Infor has launched Infor OrderNow, a new contactless ordering product that helps guests and hotel or restaurant staff maintain a safe distance while supporting the dining revenue stream. 

An extension of Infor POS, Infor's cloud-based point-of-sale product, Infor OrderNow was released as an adaptation to changes in customer purchase behavior that also provides organizations with a tool to address declining revenue challenges. The app aims to improve order accuracy and drive higher average check totals.
"As apprehensiveness about dining out continues to linger, it's more important than ever to provide the hospitality industry with tools to help regain revenue during a culturally changing landscape while adhering to changing virus prevention guidelines," said Rick Kuhlmann, Infor's director of product development. "In response to this and the needs of our customers, Infor developed this contactless ordering mobile web application that will provide a frictionless and contactless user experience to give guests the peace of mind of ordering directly from their phone."
Infor OrderNow is a responsive web application that can be deployed in a range of hospitality industry segments. For on-premises restaurants and food services, it supports bring-your-own-device mobile kiosk functionality, providing an alternative to counter-based ordering. In hotels and resorts, it supports full-service restaurant and roomservice ordering. The app can be embedded in a customer's own web environment. 
Part of the Infor Hospitality suite, Infor POS helps operators in hotels, food services, restaurant chains, and other hospitality locations control incoming data from multiple revenue centers. Transactions are securely integrated to leading payment platforms, meal plan solutions and loyalty applications. With Infor POS, organizations can manage all restaurants from one central point, and replicate parameters such as menu items, prices, and touch-screen configurations, without having to input the criteria separately for each outlet. The centralized management structure allows users to analyze performance at a group or property level in real-time, allowing for greater efficiency and more informed decision making.
"We've seen this over and over again on the news, and online, but offering contactless solutions to guests and employees is key. Being able to provide the same level of service through different means or outlets is what is setting organizations apart from their competitors right now, and allowing them remain resilient in a changing market," said Jason Floyd, general manager, Infor Hospitality. "We are innovating within our solution suites, and creating new products based on customer needs and feedback, to keep our customers running, and give them tools that will help them better manage the needs of right now, but be able to adapt and scale for their needs in the coming months."