JA Lake View Hotel Dubai voice-enables each guestroom

JA Lake View Hotel’s proprietary data is secure and guests’ personal information and conversations are protected. Photo credit: Volara

The JA Lake View Hotel Dubai now features Amazon Alexa voice assistants powered by Volara in every guestroom. The product, powered by Volara’s conversation-management software and integrated with Amadeus service optimization, ensures guests can receive personalized service and adjust the comforts of their guestroom by speaking simple commands.
“JA Lake View Hotel is designed to create, curate and deliver services and experience that exceed the expectations of all generations,” Andy Headon–Smith, group head of IT for Dutco Group, which owns and manages the JA Lake View Hotel, said in a statement. “With travelers’ requirements and demands changing rapidly, we believe that voice-based guest engagement is the future. By enabling guests to ask for, and immediately receive, the information, items, services and concierge recommendations they seek, Volara’s technology is helping us achieve our vision.”
Volara’s software is enabling the hotel to manage conversations with its guests in real-time. Its secure integrations hub, which now includes more than 40 hotel technologies, is enabling guests’ requests to prompt specific actions—whether routing a task to hotel staff, turning off the lights or putting on the air conditioning. The architecture of Volara’s software enables additional layers of security to ensure that guests’ personal information and conversations are protected, and JA Lake View Hotel’s proprietary data is secure. Volara’s patent-pending Accuracy Engine ensures guest requests are properly handled, taking into consideration the many colloquialisms and accents used by global travelers. 
“Guests can ask Alexa for information core to their stay like how to get on the Wi-Fi or the hours of operations for our Calm Spa & Salon,” said Kristofer Quadros, hotel manager of JA Lake View Hotel. “They can learn about boating and sea plane excursions at the marina, watersport equipment and our mini golf course. Or if guests would prefer a quiet night in their room, they can ask Alexa to turn down the lights, turn on their TVs, send up champagne and even schedule an alarm for the morning so they don’t miss their tee time. This is truly the next level in service excellence and guest engagement, and we are thrilled to be the first hotel in the region to leverage this technology to drive satisfaction, loyalty and revenues.”
JA Lake View Hotel is the third property in the 1 million square meter JA The Resort in Jebel Ali, Dubai.