Langham Hospitality Group adds Shiji PMS

Langham Hospitality Group has strengthened its service capabilities with the deployment of Shiji Group's Shiji Enterprise Platform PMS. 

The Shiji Enterprise Platform will help ensure that LHG can better understand and cater to its guests' needs while also improving its ability to safeguard their data. These outcomes stem from the architecture of the Shiji Enterprise Platform PMS itself, which is a comprehensive solution built around the nuances of guest profiles and preferences. LHG's decision to adopt the system illustrates the company's commitment to customer-driven innovation, and to prioritizing personalized and secure guest experiences in alignment with its prestigious hotel brands.

"Adopting Shiji's Enterprise Platform was not about upgrading our technology; it was a statement of our dedication to offering unparalleled customer experiences," LHG CEO Bob van den Oord said in a statement. "In Shiji, we found a synergy between our vision for bespoke guest services and their advanced technological capabilities, ensuring our patrons receive nothing but the best."