Legislative guide designed to help with staff safety laws

The information covered in "Panic Button Legislation: A Comprehensive Guide" includes ordinance dates, details and preconditions from specific states and cities. Photo credit: React Mobile (Legislative guide designed to help with staff safety laws )

React Mobile released a new legislative report, "Panic Button Legislation: A Comprehensive Guide," which examines how hoteliers can gain a better understanding of the current status, requirements, deadlines and fines surrounding hospitality safety legislation.
Since September 2018, U.S. hotel leaders have pledged their commitment to new and improved safety standards for their employees. With more than 20,000 U.S. hotels and resorts in the process of meeting new mandates, React Mobile developed the document as a tool to help hotels meet ordinance deadlines and achieve compliant status, categorized by city and state, according to the company.
The information covered in the guide includes ordinance dates, details and preconditions from specific states and cities, new minimum wage demands, the consequences and costs of violations (anywhere from $500 to $10,000), and most importantly, the dates of compliance.

“We are driven to support hotels all over the world in their commitment to maintain a safe work environment for their employees,” said React Mobile founder/CEO Robb Monkman. “Hotels nationwide have made significant progress over the past year in deploying employee safety devices, with next-gen panic buttons already provided in several markets, including New York, Washington, Chicago, Seattle, Santa Monica, [Calif.], and Miami Beach, [Fla.], with rapid expansion planned in the new year. We implore hoteliers to remain vigilant in their understanding of the requirements specific to their state to avoid penalties, including fees over $10,000 for subsequent violations. Our comprehensive review of the new laws is the first step in verifying your hotel is following regulations and your staff are protected.”
React Mobile has been providing enterprise-class safety solutions for the better part of a decade, including cloud-enabled ESD technology.

Click here to download a copy of the guide.