Louvre Hotels Group completes Duetto roll out

Louvre Hotels Group is now running its portfolio of owned and leased hotels and resorts on Duetto. The France-based hotel company, which has a portfolio of 1,700 properties in 60 countries and is an affiliate of Jin Jiang International Holdings, has completed integration, onboarding and go-live for its owned and leased hotel assets within the Duetto revenue strategy platform. More than 22,000 hotel rooms are now using with Duetto’s GameChanger and BlockBuster applications.

The rollout is part of Louvre Hotels Group's strategy to improve pricing and revenue management. It established a service platform built around three pillars: talent, tool and strategy. Together with the marketing and distribution platforms, the Louvre Hotels Group Revenue Management and Pricing platform aims to bring integrated solutions for their franchised, managed hotels to boost hotel performance, just as their owned and leased hotels now do.

The Louvre Hotels Group's revenue team has adopted the solution and is leveraging Duetto’s open pricing methodology, which helps them to yield all segments, room types and distribution channels independently and in real-time. Automation was also a significant factor as there was a need to eradicate manual processes to free up revenue teams to focus on strategy.

“We have a vision of agility and open, dynamic pricing that Duetto is responding to perfectly and allows us to multiply the potential of capturing quality revenue,” Ignazio Pisano, VP of revenue management and pricing at Louvre Hotels Group, said in a statement. “Revenue management and pricing are two cornerstones in generating value for our hotels. We are proud to have successfully deployed the Duetto solution to more than 250 subsidiary hotels within a few months. The next step for Louvre Hotels Group is to open our service platform, of which Duetto is an important part, to the rest of our portfolio, the franchised and managed hotels."