Maestro PMS launches integrated system support

The new support and training initiatives are tied into Maestro’s incident-tracking system. Photo credit: Maestro PMS (Maestro PMS launches integrated system support)

Maestro PMS launched a new expansion to its group of system-integrated, online support and training tools for users. The new enhancements are included in the latest Maestro PMS software release and give users a wide variety of preference-based options to connect with the Maestro teams.
Maestro’s newest support and training tools include:

  • Direct help that lets users request assistance from any screen in Maestro property software and includes screen captures from the user with appropriate notes.
  • Online real-time support chat that enables hotel staff to start a chat session with Maestro’s support team from anywhere within the system to get answers to questions while they work. This includes screen sharing if needed. Maestro provides transcripts of chat sessions after resolution.
  • Maestro’s support and training online request form is an automated system that lets users request support or training from a web form that is received directly by Maestro support staff.

The new support and training initiatives are tied into Maestro’s incident-tracking system. Support tickets are created in the system for each communication and resolution with tracking numbers. This enables Maestro to optimize support response times. Now, simply sending an email to Maestro’s support team is run through an artificial intelligence engine that logs appropriate incidents for tracking.
“We recognize that without instantly available professional 24/7 support, our clients would have to work harder,” Maestro PMS President Warren Dehan said in a statement. “Our new support and training enhancements provide users with answers to system questions whenever and however they want. Personalized support lets them be more productive and confident in system usage.”

Every Maestro client site receives Diamond Plus Service that delivers a client-focused approach to onsite training and implementation. Diamond plus service provides on-demand ‘anywhere—anytime’ online webinars, free version upgrades and eLearning to help Maestro users develop skills and confidence in their system.