Management company selects ProfitSword products

Makeready's management portfolio includes Noelle in Nashville. Photo credit: Makeready

ProfitSword, a developer of business-intelligence and data-integration software for the hospitality industry, has been selected by Makeready to maximize its potential in rapidly acquiring new properties and ensuring that they are seamlessly incorporated into the company's portfolio. A management company that delivers local and unique experiences at the hotel, restaurant and retail locations that it oversees, Makeready has implemented ProfitSage and ProfitPlan at its six hotel properties across the U.S. The company further plans to implement the solutions at all new locations as well as its nonhotel operations to ensure full performance transparency and the ability for ownership and staff to make quick, yet informed strategic decisions that lead to more efficient operations and enhanced revenues.

Experiencing substantial market growth, Makeready leadership implemented a five-year expansion plan with the goal of increasing the rate of growth even further. Key to ensuring the success of such a plan was being able to swiftly consolidate new acquisitions into the company's portfolio by implementing a data-management and business-intelligence infrastructure that could provide instant insight into the real-time performance of each new location. Previously utilizing a customized in-house platform, Makeready decided to partner with ProfitSword due to the company's expertise in integrating disparate hotel systems into one easy-to-access data-management dashboard.

Now available to owners and employees across the organization, ProfitSage provides instant access to an array of performance metrics in real time, including guest satisfaction scores and STR data. Additionally able to integrate into Makeready's payable system, ProfitSage can provide staff with insight into contract labor productivity. The integration further provides employees with full oversight over expenses to ensure accuracy in budgeting and forecasting efforts. This includes the system being able to identify and provide details into payment orders that have not yet been received so that they are still taken into full account within a forecast.

"Our organization had analyzed different platforms and the option of continuing to utilize our in-house data management system, but partnering with ProfitSword was ultimately the best decision as the company is thoroughly established in this area of expertise and has the technology to ensure a seamless integration process that any organization desiring rapid growth needs," said Eric Deudney, SVP of finance for Makeready. "ProfitSword further stands apart with its responsiveness and commitment to ensuring that any issue is quickly resolved, while listening to the unique needs of each hotelier and providing a customized solution capable of accommodating unique business intelligence goals. With ProfitSword, each of our locations are able to instantly obtain a real-time score card on how business is performing and can easily examine data that is specifically important to their operations in order to swiftly identify any upcoming opportunities or issues."  

By implementing ProfitPlan, Makeready and each of its locations can create and receive customized, web-based reports that can be tailored to provide specific performance metrics. This is in addition to the ability of scheduling such reports to be submitted to personnel on a preset basis, as well as being able to share any updates or notes with other company members in real-time, enhancing communication and transparency across the organization.