New York’s Nolitan Hotel improves engineering operations with Alice

The Nolitan Hotel (New York’s Nolitan Hotel improves its engineering operations with Alice)

The Nolitan Hotel, a 57-room boutique located in New York's Nolita neighborhood, uses Alice Staff to improve the coordination and accountability of its engineering team. Before Alice, the hotel used radio and pen and paper to organize their back-of-house operations and assign incidents and guest requests.

Tasks could be easily missed, and it was hard to keep track of recurring maintenance issues. With Alice Staff, the Nolitan engineering department now has perfect visibility to its assignments, and can track and pre-empt maintenance issues throughout the property.

For the first time, Nolitan's management also has insights into the department's performance - they can use Alice's reporting functionality to see how their staff is deployed, how long tasks are taking them, and whether or not they need to make adjustments.

While the Nolitan's GM Bogdan Docu is pleased with the increased efficiency and accountability of his engineering department, he is perhaps most impressed with how fruitful and refreshing it has been to work with the Alice product team.

"The big guys in hotel technology, they're often like, 'This is our product - take it or leave it,' but Alice is exceptional in its willingness to listen to and accommodate the client. It's what sets Alice apart," Docu said.