Nomadix acquires Angie Hospitality

​Hospitality technology company Nomadix has acquired Angie Hospitality, a provider of voice-activated and contactless technology products for hotels. After years of partnership, this strategic alignment brings new value to Nomadix channel partners and hotel customers. The addition of Angie in-room voice assistants and its mobile app to the Nomadix product portfolio will create a competitive, integrated experience for customers, while also boosting scalability, global support and continuous innovation for the Angie product line.

“We strive to provide unmatched reliability and innovation across all of our offerings. With the addition of Angie’s award-winning technology, we’re able to offer a broader and richer set of solutions to our partners and customers,” said Ted Helvey, chairman and CEO at Nomadix. “Voice technology plays a key role in the contactless digital concierge strategy that hotels are implementing to address safety concerns and staff shortages—all while still offering a personalized guest experience. We believe this acquisition gives the market a truly ‘better together’ product portfolio and set of industry experts.”

The in-room voice assistants and mobile app technology from Angie Hospitality complement the Nomadix portfolio of guest-facing technologies released in 2020. As hotels look to create a more contactless environment for safety, personalization and convenience, the combined offerings address today’s needs and will equip hotels with a foundation for the future.

“Nomadix and Angie Hospitality have worked closely through a strategic partnership, which included joint development, marketing, sales and service agreements,” said Speleos Dravillas, chief revenue officer for Nomadix. “Both companies will collectively combine teams, systems and go-to-market strategies to deliver Angie’s in-room devices and mobile app technology through our global network of partners to become more widely available in the hospitality market.”