Nomadix launches cloud-based PBX service

The new Nomadix PBX service does not require servers and other on-site equipment. Photo credit: Nomadix (Nomadix PBX)

Technology company Nomadix is launching its new cloud-based private branch exchange service for hotels. Nomadix PBX aims to help hotels upgrade outdated equipment, meet new safety requirements and save money each month. 

The system complies with U.S. law that requires hotel phone systems to call 911 directly without having to dial a prefix, provide notification to a front desk when a 911 call is made and offer location information to ensure guest safety, as well as Canadian laws governing emergency calls. 

“We made the switch to Nomadix PBX for two reasons: to work with a reliable company where we never have to worry about the service and to save money each month to offset the impact of COVID-19 on operations,” said Patrick Fultz, owner of Sleep Woodstock in Vermont. “The great relationship we have with the Nomadix team might be the most important aspect. Especially with the 24/7 nature of travel and lodging, we know they are ready to assist if we ever need support.” 

“We have been part of the hospitality industry for more than two decades and understand the complex requirements and pain points of this market. In the face of the massive disruption of 2020, we’ve increased our development to provide right-sized and right-priced products that meet the evolving needs of hotels,” said Tammy Estes, chief product officer at Nomadix. “Nomadix PBX offers a high-quality service at a reasonable cost, helping hoteliers meet their goals while serving their guests through these challenging times and through the recovery.”

The Nomadix PBX service does not require servers and other on-site equipment. Nomadix IP phones are available for guestrooms, the front desk and back-office locations. The service also is compatible with most SIP/IP phones on the market. Administrative and front-desk capabilities include room-to-room calls, voicemail, call forwarding, emergency-calling notification and conference calling. 

Through Nomadix’s partnership with Angie Hospitality, Angie can act as the in-room phone with voice-activated or touchscreen-enabled dialing. These digital assistant devices also fulfill guest requests and answer questions about the hotel and nearby attractions. Angie can replace old phones, alarm clocks and Bluetooth speakers, and integrates with existing hotel systems to control the thermostat, lights and TV.