Omnigo launches CleanTraQ sanitization-compliance software

With CleanTraQ sanitization-compliance software, businesses can schedule, track and verify that all cleaning and sanitation tasks are being completed as required. Photo credit: Omnigo (CleanTraQ)

Software company Omnigo has launched the CleanTraQ sanitization-compliance software. CleanTraQ records alerts of events and incidences requiring deep cleaning and sanitization of high-traffic locations. It then helps create cleaning workflows, enforces sanitization processes, records mandatory compliance for cleanliness and helps businesses enable a safe workspace for their employees.

The platform aims to help businesses with assured safety and improved compliance while mitigating both communicability and regulatory risks associated with COVID-19. Businesses can schedule, track and verify that all cleaning and sanitation tasks are being completed as required by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, departments of health or other regulatory organizations. The solution delivers a flexible module for calendaring, tracks required staff training and acts as an interface for both supervisory and custodial personnel to:

  • Reduce virus spread by tracking high-contact areas. Facility management can schedule sanitation routes, track completions and ensure that high-traffic, high-risk areas are being sanitized within specified timeframes.
  • Ensure compliance with validated and documented sanitation activity management. CleanTraQ allows businesses to verify and report adherence to the necessary regulatory boards while limiting the risk of liability with an audit trail of historical reports.
  • Minimize cost and increase accountability. The product eliminates the need for manual tracking of sanitation tasks and includes built-in employee training for accountability. It can be completely customized to each facility and can be scaled across multiple enterprisewide locations to save costs.

CleanTraQ for web and mobile supports multiple locations and users with a full suite of reporting capabilities and access to live data and insights. It can be purchased as a complement to any of Omnigo’s safety-management offerings.