New York's Plaza hotel upgrades uniform system

The Plaza in New York City upgraded its uniform system from InvoTech Systems. The InvoTech system installed at The Plaza manages the uniform inventory for the hotel’s 900 employees. The UHF-RFID upgrade will provide additional cost-saving benefits by automating manual tasks. Specialized waterproof RFID tags are discreetly attached to each uniform piece.

The InvoTech uniform system automatically tracks RFID tagged uniform pieces when issued to employees and as it is shipped to and received back from the laundry. Previously, garments were manually scanned one-at-a-time, a time consuming process that now will be eliminated. The RFID technology allows for multiple uniforms to be processed simultaneously and automatically, and the record keeping also is automated.

“Our property has utilized InvoTech’s uniform aystem for more than 10 years,” director of IT Rich Francis said in a statement. “InvoTech’s team is always responsive – from the support team to supplies. The upgrade process and installation was simple, no new training was needed and most importantly upgrading did not interrupt with our daily operations”

The system is a paperless green system. The system includes an electronic signature capture terminal that records employee signatures when uniforms are assigned, which eliminates the need to print reports to obtain signatures. In addition, all system reports can be viewed on the screen or generated to PDF files to be easily viewed or shared.