ProfitSword, Tripleseat partner

Software developer ProfitSword has finalized a strategic partnership with group sales and catering technology company Tripleseat.  

The integration aims to help hoteliers access all of their business performance data from a single source. With Tripleseat data now automatically uploaded into the ProfitSword database and user interface, hotels can gain crucial insight into how to adapt their event and group sales strategy based on fluctuating demand and where to allocate in order to increase business growth.
Among the Key Performance Indicators that can be instantly uploaded are analytics on event or group size, room rates, the number of days that a group will be staying and which banquet items have been requested. This helps hotels keep the appropriate amount of inventory on hand to meet upcoming business needs while sidestepping the risk of over-budgeting and unnecessarily spending financial resources.  
“Tripleseat is committed to forming partnerships that offer enhanced value to our customers and ProfitSword is one example where hoteliers have come to us to learn how they can integrate our services in order to gain a full understanding of how they should pivot their business,” said Tripleseat CEO and Founder Jonathan Morse. “With hotels now looking for business intelligence tools that can offer a comprehensive picture of performance forecasts from a single location, we are extremely pleased to share details of this new feature and look forward to providing hoteliers with the real-time analytics needed to ensure that sales efforts are always headed in the right direction.”

Using ProfitSword’s advanced reporting capabilities, accessible data can be tailored to the unique benchmarking needs of individual employees and their areas of responsibility. With the inclusion of sales pacing, hoteliers can also use reports to monitor the real-time progress of individual sales representatives to ensure that goals are being met or if a strategy realignment is required.