ProfitSword unveils new user interface

ProfitSword clients now have more control over the administration of their data along with enhanced data spreading, and copying capabilities. Photo credit: ProfitSword

ProfitSword released a new user interface for its suite of data-management and business-intelligence solutions. The interface is recognized for its ability to provide full integration with disparate property systems to automate the data-management process. ProfitSword's user interface now serves to equip hoteliers with even more customizable insight into what their performance data means and how to apply it to achieve maximum business success.
With more hospitality professionals seeking solutions to data management that can accommodate the growing size and complexity of hotel operations, ProfitSword's web-based user interface allows hoteliers to stay informed on their performance analytics at anytime and anywhere on any device. Hoteliers can now analyze data gathered from all their disparate systems with one platform that also allows them to budget, forecast, dashboard, compare and consolidate reporting, and drill into transaction level detail for their day to day activities.
Some new features include the ability to create multiple budget and forecast versions with the ability to run what-if scenarios and the ability to see any forecast or budget as of any previous historical date to help improve the accuracy of data management. 
ProfitPlan, a web-based solution for creating annual business and marketing plans or monthly and weekly performance reports that capture commentary, has also been enhanced to allow hoteliers to create specialized reports for multi-property level users or by consolidated regional performance. With ProfitSword's ProfitPace solution, hospitality's most advanced web-based tool that reports revenue pace and sales person productivity, hoteliers can now generate a consolidated sales productivity report and pace report. This additional visibility into their revenue performance allows a company to track against its goals and achieve optimal results. Other added functions include the option of adding data flows depicting attrition/cancellation fees into the report.
"This new user interface upgrade is evidence that ProfitSword is listening to the hotel industry and understands its information needs,” Paul Bennie, director of business development at ProfitSword, said in a statement. 
Additional enhancements made to user interface reporting abilities also include user-defined dashboarding, ensuring that each staff member attains access only to data that is relevant to them from the moment that they log in. Making data analysis even more user-friendly is the ability for users to freeze headers while scrolling through a report on screen. Users can further seamlessly sort data into preferential columns on screen, and can also access report filters from one easy-to-locate control box with the ability to refresh new settings all at once. ProfitSword's new user interface provides its customers with improved visibility into their information and also now allows the customer to have complete control over scheduling emails that contain reports from the application. This feature guarantees that reports and data are always shared with the relevant personnel on a daily basis.