Puro launches Puro Air UV air disinfectant line

The Aurora UV air fan mounts on the ceiling or stands in a room to oxidize contaminants. Photo credit: Puro UV Disinfection Lighting (Puro Aurora)

Puro UV Disinfection Lighting has launched Puro Air, a new line of continuous UV air disinfection products designed to eradicate airborne pathogens, including the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus strain from occupied rooms through air duct, heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems and in-room products.

Puro Air is available in four products: 

  • The Aurora UV air fan mounts on the ceiling or stands in a room to oxidize contaminants
  • The Whisper UV air fan provides nearly silent but powerful air disinfection 
  • The Cloud provides continuous UV disinfection of the air
  • The Defender disinfects the air flowing through an HVAC system to eradicate viruses, bacteria, molds and spores

“Puro Air offers the next evolution in a layered approach to ensure indoor spaces such as schools, healthcare facilities and even offices are constantly and consistently safe from pathogens by continuously disinfecting and mitigating the potential dangers for crowds in those spaces,” said Brian Stern, Puro CEO. “Our Puro Air products can help keep people safe and feeling confident that the places they visit or work are protected.”

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Puro’s UV disinfection lighting solutions are powered by Violet Defense technology.