Pyramid Global Hospitality extends data analytics partnership

Pyramid Global Hospitality has expanded its relationship with Knowland, implementing the analytics platform's group data solution in additional properties. The extended partnership aims to provide properties with Knowland’s data insights to drive better account strategy and direct sales efforts, ultimately increasing returns for owners. 

“Our priority for business analytics is high-quality data that offers actionable insights with easy incorporation into daily operations," Jeff Weggeman, VP of sales and marketing, Pyramid Global Hospitality, said in a statement. "We rely on Knowland’s data to help our sales teams unlock opportunities beyond their traditional comp sets, such as market segmentation, new competitor activity, and past buying behaviors and preferences of target accounts. Having this knowledge at their fingertips provides our sales teams with the leverage they need to book more business. We have partnered with Knowland for years, and their hands-on, willing-to-support approach has been key to ensuring property adoption and user engagement.”  

The Knowland platform provides a set of advantages to Pyramid properties:

  • Leveraging actionable meetings data: Access to Knowland’s event database and actionable dashboard will help directors and on-property sales teams with at-a-glance metrics to move from knowledge to action. Sales can take informed action to shift share from competitors and better understand which target markets and industry segments are performing best.  
  • Gaining clarity from buying behavior and preferences: Key market analytics and reporting functionality help above-property sales leaders benchmark regional clusters and property-level hotels while identifying group opportunities. Using these insights in conjunction with internal brand or management company data, sales teams can leverage account past buying behavior and meeting planner preferences to plan account strategy effectively. 
  • Activating usage and building loyalty: Knowland provides regular hands-on training as well as video content that builds team adoption with step-by-step instructions on how to leverage data for identifying opportunities and threats.