Quality Hotel Bayside Geelong implements BeyondTV GuestCast

BeyondTV, a provider of guestroom entertainment solutions for the hospitality industry, has worked with regional supplier and internet services provider Liveport to enhance the guestroom entertainment abilities of the Quality Hotel Bayside Geelong in Victoria, Australia with the implementation of BeyondTV GuestCast. 

With this implementation, Quality Hotel Bayside Geelong can provide personalized in-room entertainment options that can be instantly accessed with a QR code scan. Guests can access their own personal content on guestroom televisions without any need for staff assistance.

BeyondTV GuestCast also streamlines the installation process by being instantly compatible with any television model and internet network in use by today’s hotels. Backed by continuous performance monitoring and 24/7 support, BeyondTV GuestCast can address any issue before it has the ability to negatively impact guest experiences.