RLHC streamlines system connectivity with Hapi data platform

Connectors have been developed to link a portion of RLHC’s hotels, such as the Red Lion Hotels Anaheim (Calif.), to a new revenue-management system. Photo credit: RLH Corporation (The five sales are currently anticipated to close in February or early March, 2018, subject to standard contingencies and closing conditions.)

RLH Corporation has deployed property-management-system data connectors from Hapi, a data streaming, integration and enrichment platform. The connectors have been developed in order to link a portion of RLHC’s hotels to a new revenue-management system, as well as to the company's enterprise data warehouse.

“At RLH Corporation, we give our owners freedom in the way they run their hotels and that includes giving them a choice in the vendors and technology solutions that they choose to implement,” SVP and CIO John Edwards said in a statement. “For our economy brands, we currently have seven approved PMS vendors and two options for central-reservation systems. From a corporate perspective, however, this creates challenges in integrating the various systems' data streams, which is why we were interested in Hapi.”
Hapi developed real-time data connectors that normalize data from different PMSes, enrich it and expose it for the company to use in various ways. For example, RLH can leverage the streams to drive revenue through improved rate-management and yielding strategies in real time. In addition to creating added revenue-optimization opportunities at the individual hotel level, Hapi also saves a great deal of time and money for RLHC, as the connectors eliminate the need for costly and time-intensive system integrations.

“A typical system integration in the hospitality technology sector takes approximately 12-18 months to work through, test and deploy,” said Luis Segredo, president and CEO of Data Travel, the developer of the Hapi platform. “We are happy to say that we were able to create the connector for RLH Corporation in about three months, from start to finish. This shorter cycle has a domino effect on subsequent integration opportunities. For instance, we were able to layer in the EDW connector, and future connections will be an even smaller effort.”

RLH currently has about a dozen hotels on the system and expects to have more than 500 hotels deployed by the end of 2018.