RoamingAround makes hotel Wi-Fi profitable with new feature


RoamingAround can now use Wi-Fi access points as location beacons. The existing Wi-Fi networks collect a lot of real-time data about the connected users, including direction of movement, dwell time and device information. 
“Being able to add value to the existing Wi-Fi infrastructure is ideal for hoteliers,” said Michael Gambino, RoamingAround chief location officer. “Future proofing for next-generation mobile marketing is now much easier to test, manage and deploy since there isn’t an invasive installation. However, we can still use traditional location-based hardware such as Bluetooth beacons, GPS and digital signage. Being able to strategize and consult different pain points for clients has been fun since our platform is so versatile in a variety of demographics and industries to really help drive revenues, loyalty and maintain guest retention.”
RoamingAround’s location-based marketing platform, either embedded in the hotel’s existing mobile app or available as a standalone RapidApp, communicates over the hotel Wi-Fi network to push personalized offers, messages and content that generate new revenues based on the user’s preferences and location. As guests use and interact with the app, the smart technology will record a history of the user, learning who they are and what they like over time, automatically treating them more like family when they return.

For example, upon a guest’s next stay, the hotel can push a message that says:

  • “Welcome back! Would you like to request extra towels again?”
  • “Here’s a FREE drink – will it be another Pinot Noir?”
  • “You’ve been upgraded to a one-bedroom suite. Thank you for your loyalty.”

“Being aware of guests’ physical locations and individual preferences helps marketers generate revenues by sending the right message at the right time and the right place and to the right person,” Gambino said. “In addition to on-site service and promotions, tour companies and local merchants can purchase advertising space on the hotel’s mobile app to push relevant content, like coupons or offers, to guests in real time.”