Séura introduces lighted mirrors with 95+ color rendering

Séura's lighted mirrors with Brilliant LED Technology provide a more natural-like light. Photo credit: Séura

Séura, a Wisconsin-based designer tech company, introduced a new LED lighting technology into its American-made lighted mirror line. The mirrors, mostly designed for bathroom vanity applications, now have an improved color rendering index. The CRI scale goes from zero to 100 and measures how accurately a light source is at revealing the true colors of the objects it illuminates, and Séura’s lighted mirrors now boast 95+ CRI.

“Séura Brilliant LED Technology is a game changer,” Séura COO/co-founder Tim Gilbertson said in a statement. “The lights in our mirrors have always helped illuminate the faces looking into them, but these lend the way to a whole new level of accurate, full color spectrum rendering without compromising brightness or energy efficiency.”

Séura Brilliant LED Technology provides a more natural-like light that results in the user seeing and experiencing:


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  • More true, vivid and vibrant colors.
  • Improved appearance of objects with more detail and clarity.
  • High-color contrast that makes it easy to differentiate colors.
  • Improved well-being from exposure to light that closely resembles natural sunlight.

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