SilverStar Mountain Resort implements Maestro PMS

SilverStar Mountain Resort uses the Maestro web browser and Windows versions with an on-premises server. Photo credit: Maestro

SilverStar Mountain Resort in Silver Star Mountain, British Columbia, offers four hotel-style properties, more than 10 food-and-beverage outlets, a variety of retail and grocery stores, a fitness center, a bike rental and repair store, ski shops and multiple residential ownership units. The entire operation is supported by the Maestro multiproperty hotel software system. 

“Maestro has made our resort tightly connected and synergistic. We can run more of our operations, like call center and reservations for our hotels and ownership units, on the one Maestro system,” Tami Allan, accommodations manager at SilverStar, said in a statement. “Maestro hotel software is an efficient single point of technology that lets us focus more attention on guests, much less time concerned with systems or operations.”  
SilverStar uses the Maestro web browser and Windows versions with an on-premises server that lets staff securely access the Maestro central system from any property from either a Windows session or a web browser without the need to remote desktop in. This allows greater flexibility and mobility with reduced network infrastructure.
Environmental responsibility is important to SilverStar. “Maestro’s green features help us maintain a ‘natural footprint’ to keep our relationship with nature positive. We don’t make snow, so we want to support nature’s part of our business,” Allan said. 

Maestro’s most recent property software innovations reduce paper use and simplify the guest journey at every touchpoint beginning with digital signature registration to mobile check-out, streamlining operations and reducing the dependency on paper.

SilverStar also uses Maestro’s guest experience measurement online guest survey tool. SilverStar will implement the tool's post-check-in module to communicate with guests as soon as they enter their room to personalize their experience and offer assistance.