Twenty Four Seven Hotels updates accounting system

Twenty Four Seven Hotels properties, such as the Moxy in Tempe, Ariz., upgraded to the PVNG cloud back-office system. Photo credit: Aptech Computer Systems

Twenty Four Seven Hotels updated its enterprise accounting for 23 properties to the Aptech Computer Systems’ PVNG cloud back-office system. Twenty Four Seven is headquartered in Newport Beach, Calif., with a portfolio that includes Marriott International, Hilton and Hyatt Hotels Corp. brands. Twenty Four Seven upgraded all 23 properties from Profitvue to Aptech’s PVNG hotel accounting software in late 2019. 

“All our properties are on PVNG now and the upgrade went smoothly,” Samuel Grant, VP of finance and accounting, said in a statement. “My staff loves the system. PVNG is easy to use and its cloud platform enables me to manage and review financial processes from anywhere on a mobile device. This makes it a very efficient system and gives us greater latitude in our financial operation. Each of our properties is a separate entity and PVNG lets us provide separate financials for each.”
PVNG is an advanced enterprise financial system with an easy-to-navigate architecture. PVNG’s robust functionality emerged from Aptech’s legacy application, Profitvue, used by thousands of hotel operators. PVNG supports one property or a large multibrand, multiproperty portfolio. PVNG uses the most current technology platform incorporating accounts payable, accounts receiveable, general ledger, statistics, financials and a bank reconciliation.