Twin Arrows Casino Resort launches Reach 365 digital engagement systems

The Reach 365 program uses a subtle form of incentive psychology to create a desired outcome determined by each individual property. Photo credit: Engaged Nation

Twin Arrows Casino Resort in Flagstaff, Ariz., launched Engaged Nation’s Reach 365 online digital engagement platform. The resort implemented one for its customers and a tandem version designed to train its staff. This gamified online engagement system is customized for its guests under the private-label brand Bonus Rewards and Team Arrows for its employees.

“We are excited and confident that this customized digital engagement program will give us a competitive edge,” Twin Arrows GM Bryce Warren said in a statement. “When we saw its past results and how it can extend all our marketing initiatives, we eagerly embraced the opportunity to implement this state of the art gamified marketing program. We’re also very excited to use this program with team members to improve our guest experience.”
The Reach 365 program uses a subtle form of incentive psychology to create a desired outcome determined by each individual property, from creating more awareness and interest in property amenities and promotions to driving quantifiable incremental property visits and revenue. The program cultivates active participation with a variety of fun and “edutaining” online games and activities as it awards virtual currency, drawing entries, and other instant rewards that can only be redeemed at the casino property.
In a similar fashion, staff members use the Team Arrows portal to keep apprised of property promotional programs and other changes, learn about customer service and teamwork, as well as the history and culture of the Navajo people. Like customers, team members earn virtual currency for their participation that they can use to redeem for rewards. This instant gratification and recognition is key to a successful employee-engagement program.
The employee platform went live on March 8 and the customer platform will launch in the coming weeks.

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