Volo Hospitality Systems introduces tablet system to North America

Volo Hospitality Systems introduces its in-room tablet system to the top 30 North American markets. Volo is an in-room tablet solution that gives guests interactive, touchscreen access to hotel amenities. Volo’s design will engage guests from the when they enter the room. A hotel’s style, brand and amenities can all displayed on the customized Apple iPads.

If a hotel is a “top 30 under 30,” according to Volo, meaning the property meets Volo’s quality standards and is a small boutique hotel in the neighborhood of 30 rooms or less, the company is offering the Digital Hotel Directory service for free. The service will be offered on customized Apple iPads for free for life to one of its favorite small boutique hotels in each market. Each week Volo will showcase a handful of select properties from a North American market, and the offer stands to the first property that accepts the offer.