Waterville Valley Resort partners with Thynk.Cloud

In New Hampshire, the leadership team at the independent Waterville Valley Resort has selected Thynk.Cloud to help automate and simplify the work of the property's employees. The resort set its 10-year development plan, with a focus on technology, in 2020.

“We are excited to roll Thynk out to our first customer in the U.S. and help them create a seamless experience for their customers and achieve great efficiencies across their team,” Thynk Chief Experience Officer Melissa Jurkoic said in a statement. “Having visibility into customer data, consolidated communication and streamlined operations is something that every hospitality team needs in their arsenal to deliver the highest customer service and to remain competitive.”

Abby Guinan, director of sales and leasing, said the team reviewed potential solutions and tried to find one that would align with Waterville's goals. “I knew we made the right decision from the start with Thynk. Everything from the task-oriented onboarding process to the support from the team has been incredible and far less overwhelming than expected with a new system rollout."

Thynk.Cloud aims to help the hospitality industry build stronger digital relationships with customers, increase hoteliers' focus on margins, optimize the cost of sales and operations and uncover new sources of business.

“We’re only three years into our 10-year plan and we have made huge advancements and continued investments in transitioning to the next level," said Tim Smith, president and GM of Waterville Valley. "For us, it’s all about the next customer and developing a great progression scenario for them to grow as individuals. We’re known as New Hampshire’s family resort and we are always looking for ways to elevate the customer experience. We know that the right technology can enable us to reach those goals here at Waterville Valley Resort."

Waterville Valley Ski Resort was established 57 years ago as one of the first resorts with a self-contained village designed as a four-season resort.