Four trends in hotel bathroom design

Perhaps no part of a hotel guestroom ages faster than its bathroom. Several hospitality suppliers shared the emerging trends they are seeing in bathroom design.

  1. Freestanding bathtubs are replacing corner built-in tubs, said Mike Rizzuto, a member of the technical sales team at Infinity Drain. “The aesthetic is luxurious and the design is more space-efficient than deck-mounted bathtubs.” At the same time, shower installations with pre-pitched floor options are increasing in popularity “due to the ease and speed of installation,” he said.  
  2. Gail Conroy, VP of marketing at Caesarstone North America, noted a growing trend in hospitality of “statement moments,” and said the company’s porcelain and mineral surfaces can create “a thrilling visual moment” while also meeting the hoteliers’ needs for durable materials. "Our porcelain features a nonporous surface for a stain- and scratch-resistant [surface],” she said.
  3. Hotel bathrooms have shifted to “minimalist” designs, said Javier Korneluk, managing director at Fantini North America. “Another trend is the mixing of aesthetics,” he added, noting the combinations of traditional and contemporary elements or the juxtaposition of different materials.
  4. Rizzuto noted the popularity of pastel colors and soft palettes that evoke Mediterranean vibes in hotel bathroom design. The company is seeing increased demand for warmer finishes like polished gold for these colorways. “Our satin and polished stainless are the perfect companion to cooler pastels,” he added.