Ambassador Hotel Oklahoma City enhances guest connectivity

Ambassador Hotel Oklahoma City guests have the enhanced convenience of complete voice control over guestroom televisions. Photo credit: Hotel Internet Services

The Ambassador Hotel Oklahoma City has implemented advanced guest Wi-Fi and BeyondTV equipped with the latest in voice control and virtual assistant abilities from Hotel Internet Services. The Autograph Collection property located in a historic 1920s building, the Ambassador Hotel Oklahoma City continues to provide its guests with stylish elegance while catering to demands for faster internet speeds, personalized content streaming and casting abilities, along with more convenient access to hotel amenities.

Despite initial challenges associated with upgrading Wi-Fi and online-based guest services for an older building, such as a lack of wiring or hard-to-reach areas, Ambassador Hotel Oklahoma City was able to rely on HIS to implement a future-proof network. HIS used advanced Ruckus technology, which is recognized for its ability to handle the latest guest demands and online behaviors. 

With the addition of BeyondTV, each guest also gains the ability to stream personal content from their devices onto guestroom televisions without first needing to input login information. Leveraging its patented data privacy technology, BeyondTV features include automatically erasing all usage data upon check-out. Guests also are able to delete their personal data at any time during their stay with a push of a remote control button.

Through an integration with Amazon's Alexa and Volara, BeyondTV further provides Ambassador Hotel Oklahoma City guests with the enhanced convenience of complete voice control over guestroom televisions. Guests also can issue requests for items such as extra towels with any voice commands seamlessly converted into text messages and relayed directly to the front desk.

“Thanks to our enhanced Wi-Fi and BeyondTV, we now have the ability to provide guests with the high level of connectivity and service that they now expect from any hotel seeking their business,” Jason Clark, the hotel's director of operations, said in a statement. “We are also extremely pleased that HIS offers a truly scalable product and look forward to adding additional functionalities such as voice control over lighting and thermostats.”